About Us

Here’s Our Story:

The Ranch:

Bracken Ridge Ranch, so named for the abundance of Bracken Fern that’s grows there; is nestled among the trees in the Sierra Mountain Foothills of Northern California USA. The eighty-four-year-old second-generation ranch is owned and operated by Bruce and Jodi McDonald.

The Eggers Nest at Bracken Ridge Ranch:

The Eggers Nest came to be a part of Bracken Ridge Ranch in 1995 when a local egg artist came to the ranch to buy Goose and Duck eggs. The only problem was she was looking for infertile empty eggshells. Being a person to never turn down a sale, even though she had no idea what she was doing, Jodi told the lady to come back and a week and she would have just what the lady wanted. During the following week, Jodi tried every conceivable method of cleaning the contents out of the eggs. It was an epic event. There were egg contentions all over the ranch and all over Jodi’s face and hair. But at the end of the week, the lady came back the eggs were empty and the artist was happy….that is until she took the eggs to an egg show to sell. Well, by the time the eggs had begun to dry and the remaining contents in the egg begin to stick and the artist was asked to leave her eggs outside the conference room. Over the next year not to be outdone by a few stinky eggs Jodi, her husband Bruce, and her father-in-law set to work inventing various egg-blowing contraptions. Then, one day they designed an automated machine they use to this day. By 1997 The Eggers Nest began selling Professional Quality Blown eggs to Egg Artists, Crafters, Collectors Schools, Museums, Florists, Hobby Shops, and Tourists Shops All over the world. And…that’s the story!

Jodi and Bruce:

They are happily married for 40 years. (Although for the past 40 years Jodi tells Bruce he is on a “trial basis”) We both love the mysteries and marvels of Nature. We both love to photograph, garden, animals by the galore (Have a passion for adopting abused and unwanted animals (including old dogs). Jodi loves to write humorous stories. She has also published a book on Chinese Blue Breasted Quail. Bruce goes to the moon and beyond over his passion for Steam Locomotives. He also is an avid oil painter.

And…That’s Our Story:

Well… maybe to answer the age-old question everyone asks: “How many birds and animals do you have” We like to tell them that since our name is McDonald… just sing the E.I.E.I.O song from Old McDonald’s Farm and you will have some idea. ( Really, we don’t know)