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  We are now  shipping hatching eggs for the 2014 hatching egg season, which will run though October,weather permitting. 

Because of our late start due to weather etc. we  have a bit of a back log and are  currently running about 2 1/2 weeks behind on sending orders out.  We ship order in the same order they are received, so be patient..we'll send your eggs out as quickly as possible  We ship eggs the same day they are laid to insure the best hatch possible.


          NOTE:  We do not sell chicks or adults. we sell hatching eggs only!


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"A Closer Look At Button Quail"
Written by Jodi McDonald
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Jodi McDonald has authored many articles for Game Bird Gazette and is one of the worlds most leading authorities on "Button Quail"

Bracken Ridge Ranch is owned and operated by Bruce and Jodi McDonald, and is located about 60 miles NE of Sacramento, the California State Capital, Bruce & Jodi Have dedicated the past 30 years raising and researching "Chinese Blue Breasted Quail (Excalfactoria chinensis) also commonly known as "Button Quail."


For the health and safety of our birds we operate a closed facility. We do not allow visitors in our aviary


Due to new import/export regulations we can no longer ship hatching eggs outside the Continental U.S. This includes Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Alaska DOES allow eggs to enter the state.

NEW  We Now Have Bees Wax For Pysanky Artists
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We Also offer quality blown eggs for Egg Artists, Crafters, Schools, etc.
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