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The Most Complete Book Ever Published on
“Button Quail”
Excalfactoria Chinensis (Chinese Blue Breasted Quail)


A Closer Look at “Button Quail” 
The book draws on over 30 years of personal experience raising Chinese Blue-breasted Quail, and over 10 years of in-depth research.
The book consists of 12 chapters, 252 text pages, 8 color photo pages and numerous black and white drawings/charts. 

Chapters Include: #1; A complete Natural History, (Birth of Aviculture, Mistaken Identity, Incorporating Chinese Names, Competition in Exploration, True Button Quail, History Plays a Role in Classification, m Requirements, Preferred Temperatures, Cages, Types of Litter, #3; Complete Nutritional Guide, Vitamins, Understanding Feed-Sack Labels, Types of Calcium, Toxic Vegetables and Fruits, Ideal Feed Mix, Live Food, Basics of Digestion and Food Absorption, Water Essentials, #4; Lighting Requirements, Effects of Sunlight, perception of Feather Color, Pigmentation, Quail Vision, Types of Artificial Lighting and how They Affect Quail Behavior, #5; Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Feather Development, Skeletal System, Digestive System and How it Works, Memory and Reason, Muscles, Reproductive System M/F, #6; Breeding Chinese Blue-Breasted Quail, Choosing Desirable Genes, Housing Needs, Basic Genetics of Reproduction, Understanding Chromosomes and Genes, Dominant and Recessive Genes, Breeding Habits in the Wild, Courtship and Mating, Natural Incubation, Role of Hormones, Artificial Incubation, Understanding Incubators, (Forced Air/Still Air) Proper Collection and Storage of Eggs Before Incubation, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Ventilation, Incubator Capacity, Turning Eggs, Possible Causes of Hatching Failures, Using a Hatcher, Using a Brooder, m Care of Breeding Pairs, Lighting Requirements, Diet, Importance of Ventilation, Preferred Temperature, Housing, Paring, Vent Sexing, Introducing New Mates, Possible Problems Associated With Breeding Failures,
Understanding the Incredible Egg, Fertilization, Shell Development, Development from Embryo to Chick, Hatching Process, Possible Causes for Hatching Failures, Caring for Newly Hatched Chicks, Guide To Brooder Temperatures, Bone Problems, Straddle Leg, Crooked Toes, Curled Toes, Preventing Chick Starve-Out, Preventing Bacterial Infections, Growth, Hormonal Development and Pecking and Cannibalism, Preventing Dehydration, Types of Litter for Brooder, #10; Disease, Parasites, Injuries (External and Internal Parasites) Treating Shock, Removing Debris Clumps from Toes, Egg Binding, Prolapses, Egg Eating, Impacted Crop, Sudden Death Syndrome, False Molt, Stress Molt, Abnormal Feather Growth, Heat Stress, When and How to Euthanize, #11; How to Profit from Raising Chinese Blue-Breasted Quail, How to Ship Live Birds, How to Ship Hatching Eggs, Plus a Surprise Off-Shoot of the Business, #12; Color Mutation, A guide to Identification and Recognition of True Mutations.

A Closer Look at “Button-Quail”

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