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 Our Button Quail Cages
Why Our  Cage?

This cage was specially designed by us at Bracken Ridge Ranch after many years of struggling with various types of cages on the market.  We set out to design a cage that would not only add to the well-being of our birds, but provide easy maintenance as well.

     Each unit has has 3 compartments.  The overall length of the unit is 48 inches long by 11 inches wide and 11 inches tall.  The units are light weight  (18 lbs) for ease of handling.  They are specifically designed with a low overhead (11″) to avoid serious damage to the quail if they fly up when startled.

They are stackable to maximize  space.  They are made from 1/2 ” by 1″
16 gauge welded wire.  Each compartment has a pull out drawer (tray) made from 26 gauge galvanized sheet metal for durability.  

Each compartment has an “Escape Guard” that automatically drops down when the drawer is pulled out.  This special feature allows you to collect eggs or completely remove the tray for cleaning without the birds escaping. 


 NOTE: Feeders and Waterers are NOT included with Cages:

Cage Price is: $139.00 per each 4′ Unit 
( 3  compartments)
+$39.00 Shipping
We Accept PAYPAL.

 Sorry, we can only ship within the Continental U.S.  The cage and shipping box are considered over-sized and the shipping is outrageous for outside the continental U.S. 

Each cage is manufactured here at Bracken Ridge Ranch.   Please allow 2 weeks lead time.  (We can generally ship within 2 weeks of receiving a paid order.)

The cages are currently being shipped via USPS Parcel Post as they have the cheapest rates.  Generally speaking, they show a 7-10 working day delivery into most areas of the U.S.   Please Be patient, our customers tell us it’s worth the wait.