Artists Showcase

grass valley, artist showcase

This portion of our website is set aside to honor the incredible
and diverse talents of The Eggers Nest Customers who turn our blank eggs into amazing works of art. We honor their talent and creativity!

If you would like to share some of your artwork with us just
send a photo or two to us at with one or two sentences describing you and your work and we can showcase your talent to our wonderful community.

Artists Creations

Artist: LEE COON: Coos Bay Oregon: My egg art is a gifted passion from God. Each piece is individually designed, resulting in a one of a kind creation.
Artist : DIANE LEWIS :Janesville, WI. (Duck eggshell) “I just love my hobby I have always had a fascination with eggs and started Pysanky a few years ago.”
Artist: REBECCA TUCKER: St George Utah Ostrich egg
Artist: MARION MILER : Cincinnati OH Goose Egg
Artist: TOM SIMMER: Bismarck, ND Assorted Pysanky eggs
Artist: COURTNEY PEEK; : This is my first goose egg and I really enjoyed the size < I prefer to make my own designs instead of using traditional ones, and I really like working with monochromatic schemes.
Artist” LEE COON : Coos Bay Oregon: Rhea egg. Swarovski Chrystal hummingbird
Artist: REBECCA TUCKER: St George Utah Ostrich egg
Artist: JANIS BERG, Roseville , CA.